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  1. Would be REALLY beneficial to release that feature while RTG is going if possible.
  2. SC319

    Bot picks ww35 to train away

    Is this fixed?
  3. SC319


    If you were smart you'd not send payment anywhere until you know the bot is working for new tier.....Especially now that buying is instant.
  4. SC319

    MITB Contract Exploit?

    Pretty confident it's fake
  5. SC319

    RD enable doubler?

    Could bot check to see if there are doublers available to be used before RD Matches? Thanks!
  6. SC319

    TBG Attacks?

    Any chance bot could do TBG charges and attacks and force close if going to lose? Would add a lot of value to the bot.
  7. SC319

    Ring Dom Not working

    Optimize as in make it look at stats and pick one it can beat?
  8. SC319

    Price increase

    So when you buy the key from this website it's immediately available? If so that IS worth $1 for sure.
  9. SC319

    Bot11 is closing?

    Is it automated now? When you order from the website is it immediately available for a dollar extra or is there still going to be long waits after payment before key comes?
  10. SC319

    Bot11 is closing?

    Dude, please fix the bot. I think all you need to do is change where it clicks to start TRTG.
  11. SC319

    TRTG Not Working

    You can just click the plus 10 opponent to jump start TRTG. It's not ideal having to be around the bot the whole event but it's better than manually playing.
  12. SC319

    TRTG Not Working

    Same, trying to be patient. At least the tier is practically dead.