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  1. Robert Miller

    My Bot Issue..

    @admin I have deleted the old Apk file and uploaded new from website when I start bot I received a message to close bot and receive update. it’s not updating and I have to renter Key and set up bot each time it rests. How do I fix this ?
  2. Robert Miller

    Thank you

    I would like to say: Thank you! @admin. The time that you have put into this to fix it and get it working so far.
  3. Robert Miller

    Giants Unleashed

    @adminSame 2nd Giant started and Bot didn’t recognize it and didn’t play had to reset to fix.
  4. Robert Miller

    My ROR

    As I post bot stopped 🙃
  5. Robert Miller

    My ROR

    Got it working thanks @admin just has to read a few post on how to fix bot.
  6. Robert Miller

    My ROR

    @admin So I just purchased a new key code as the free trail worked for the 5 minutes thinking it was up and running. Now getting ror.
  7. Robert Miller

    About Issues bot not start

    Thank you for the update we look forward to the New Bot 🙂
  8. Robert Miller


    @admin what is the timeline for new bot ? I’m not here for refund nor complain bot worked excellent up til now. If you say month I’ll be ready.
  9. Robert Miller

    Bot Refusing to Start

    Link thread please.
  10. Robert Miller

    Bot stops after a few minutes !

  11. Robert Miller

    Bot Refusing to Start

    Same bot worked fine during Event then runs a few matches and stops.
  12. Robert Miller

    Nox Update

    @admin new update Nox V6.6.0.8
  13. Robert Miller


    I run 24/7, 7/11 with no ads nor use of credits unless I want to push in PVP or event but never an issue. Only Bans I have heard of is due to off site buying of credits.
  14. Robert Miller

    LMS vs CoC

    It looks like CoC ran smoothly! Will an upgrade/ update also be used to improve LMS now that you was able to learn from CoC ? @admin
  15. Robert Miller

    Google Play

    Ok got it, looked like a bad update just had to get new emulator 👍 Thanks for the help.