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  1. daniel1987

    Watch out account locked

    Not sure if its bot related but my account has been locked messaged support but if it is bot related just giving everyone a heads up
  2. daniel1987

    New bot but not really

  3. daniel1987

    Verification code

    Easy stop bot manually enter code then resume bot
  4. daniel1987

    Not responding

    This was the issue I had I thought it was because I had 2 bots running I actually ended not carrying on with subscription of the 2nd bot because of the issue
  5. daniel1987

    Issue running multiple bots

    So I have 2 bots that both have separate keys been absolutely fine until an hour or 2 ago whenever I attempt to run the 2nd both show a pop up that wwe supercard is not responding or when they do work they continuously try to play Rtg even tho I've finished it and have it disabled. Any suggestions of what the issue could be?
  6. daniel1987

    [POLL] Bring watching ads back?

    just out of curiosity why was this causing accounts to get locked i really like the idea but if its even slight chance of getting accounts locked i say no leave it out and people will just manually have to watch ads
  7. daniel1987

    SuperCard Bot V19.45

    this went to sleep expecting me to be done on normal rtg and woke up to it only having done one 10 point game
  8. daniel1987

    The bot needs to be tweaked due to the update.

    any reason my game keeps playing a few matches then restarting and going to log in page
  9. daniel1987

    new update?

    what was added with newest update (after watching ads) ? is there anywhere to see the revisions of updates sorry fairly new only had it a week
  10. daniel1987


    just wondering without spending and an all neon deck (2nd account) how far could i get with the bot if i ran the entire event
  11. daniel1987

    Unfortunately, WWE Bot has stopped.

    question with this method does the time of license decrease or is that only if installed onto a new Emulator? because if it does then this issue needs to be fixed as i cant actually close nox without getting error and ive uninstalled/ reinstalled a few times
  12. daniel1987

    TRTG - Team Points

    do you use credits for trtg? ask as im fairly new to the bot if i didnt use credits would bot alternate between wild and trtg once bouts refill ?
  13. daniel1987

    Its this bot Really safe?

    just answered your own question mate its the risk we take but if whats been said is true they'd have to ban a lot of people and some of those are right at the top of wwe supercard