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  1. Miguel Thiengo

    problem after the upgrade

    After updating the game, it is not recognizing when something is at the maximum, example (400/400 cards -> it gets stuck and won't upgrade the cards with the determinations we put); (25/25 energies from KOTR and 120/120 energies from TBG -> it also doesn't press ok to continue the bot's playing process) The problem is when it fills up the 400/400 that after it restarts, it doesn't go to the cards and load, it just keeps trying to play
  2. Miguel Thiengo

    bug in the transition of the chosen cards on the choice board

    And one more thing that I noticed too, when it appears the codes to put the 4 digits, it does it sometimes the first time it appears, after that, it gets stuck without knowing how to figure out the numbers that appear
  3. Good evening , BOT36 is having a problem in the wild part , it is happening in some combats ; It happens as follows : After the fight ends, BOT36 chooses the cards normally, but when it was supposed to go to the dust choices, it doesn't show up and goes straight to the wild. Could you help me with this problem? This occurs both in NOX and MEMU. For my PC, the best is MEMU.