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  1. 4dfall


    Set up a remote desktop application to pause, and then return it to active when done? At least until this solution is implimented in full.
  2. 4dfall

    SuperCard Bot V21.34

    What's interesting, is if they're "dusted," and you get into the loop where the game gets stuck, if you unselect them, then select "done," those cards appear in your inventory. Then, when you use them to train a card, they provide no experience. Must be a visual glitch related to speed of clicks maybe? *shrug* Been around since before this update too.
  3. 4dfall

    Please fix bot

    I've also noticed some common neons and shattereds are being locked by the bot too. Never notice when it happens just see they're locked in my inventory. Purge and new ones show.
  4. 4dfall

    SuperCard Bot V21.30

    Hi Admin, It seems the bot gets really confused when you hit the card limit. It'll dust all the picks you have, but then it'll go to your cards and try to train... and it gets stuck training because there's nothing to train. I have it set so that I dust everything up to Vanguard, and train RR. But, if I get to the training screen and there are no Rumble cards, the bot will just hang, get stuck, and reboot. I'm a collector trying to fill out my catalog. If I can make some SS20/Bio pulls to fill out the catalog my problem will eventually resolve itself cause I'll have room under the card limit. But those of us dancing on the edge of a full inventory risk having the bot get stuck. I woke up this morning with full bouts and an ended but not restarted KOTR with 398/400 cards in my inventory.
  5. 4dfall

    training cards

    I have also noticed it acting as such. It'll go to train cards, but I don't have any cards for it train with cause they've all already been dusted -- so it gets stuck at the "Select cards to train this card" screen. Then it has to reboot itself, wasting about 2 minutes. I think it's related to me having 387 singles that I"m trying to get their duplicate to pro -- so... I hit the card limit, and the bot dusts my cards but then still tries to train after... but since there's nothing to train it doesn't know what to do next?
  6. 4dfall

    SuperCard Bot V21.29

    Bot plays game. Bot wins. Bot selects cards. Bot maxes card limit at 400/400. From here, there are two options. "My Cards" and "Ok." If bot chooses "ok" the screen with the list of recent pulls shows, and the bot could dust as normal. If the bot choses "my cards," (what it does now) it takes it to the training screen, so the bot then trains away cards. I'll probably just lose out on some of the possible dust rewards until this is fixed. It'll just make sure my recent pulls get trained while I'm away too.
  7. 4dfall

    SuperCard Bot V21.29

    That's what's affecting me! I'm constantly near my card cap. When I play wild, it's 2 picks, it works fine. When I play RTG, with 10-15 picks received, I max out end of game 2 at most. When it's selecting cards and I haven't reached my cap, if I click "back," it properly dusts then.
  8. 4dfall

    SuperCard Bot V21.29

    Yes, bot was dusting picks in wild/PVP, then RTG happened, game went down, and then played some RTG and it bypasts dusting. Never recorded a video thorugh this before, I'll see what I can do after work but it won't be a few hours. Figure I'd verbalize this in case others were experiencing similar issues or if it's just me. I did have "save picks for event" checked, so I'm going to try it without that selected. Thank you!
  9. 4dfall

    SuperCard Bot V21.29

    Confirming on android 7 / nox that it does not try to dust after an RTG match and just goes to training cards. Tried it twice and it ignored dusting both times. Thank you though for the quick updates!
  10. 4dfall

    new feature with the new tier

    Sure, but the only way to currently dust is on the screen direclty after picking those cards. At that screen, there's no way to tell what card is a gothic and what card is a RR21 / WM37. It's going to be a very slow process. They may need to dust each card individually and if it's over a pt threshold to skip it.