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  1. Supercard101

    Bot Shuts down

    It's doing it on memu 720 also shuting Bot down completely
  2. Supercard101

    SuperCard Bot V21.37

    It's also doing this received_1241904379_muted.mp4
  3. Supercard101

    SuperCard Bot V21.37

    I'm on memu on 720 nox don't work great on my pc it freezes a lot
  4. Supercard101

    SuperCard Bot V21.37

    Bot ain't putting right cards in after figuring out the code I have just watched it do it 3 times might need looked at
  5. Supercard101


    If u add this u should set it up so u can set it to wait 5mins. 30mins or 1hr. Like u have the drop down menus on the other ones
  6. Supercard101

    Invalid bot license?

    Email @admin at tell him there maybe u get a faster reply from him
  7. Supercard101

    Dusting Problem

    No it's not it just doing this event I been watching it do it and it don't always restart and it is a big deal cuz that's time it takes from actually playing event
  8. Supercard101

    Dusting Problem

    It only seems to be locking cards while dusting is enabled
  9. Supercard101

    Dusting Problem

    @admin I have noticed that when Bot gets stuck on dusting it's cuz it's a game issues it only allows so must to be dusted I have stopped bot when it's stuck and tried to do it by hand and it won't so whenever u decide to update Bot maybe try to fix that part by making it just skip rest of cards and then while ur at It Bot still getting stuck on pick board at 0 remaining picks and i have noticed it's locking a lot of cards lately and I'm sure there's more that needs looked at which others can chime in and put what they have noticed it doing SO PLEASE @admin LOOK INTO THESE THING
  10. Supercard101

    SuperCard Bot V21.32

    @admin Dude u need to fix this shyt bot is still trying to train away cards when not at card limit and there's nothing to train away Bot still locking cards when dusting the @admin just needs to take a day and actually play the game and watch his bot himself so he can see what it's doing fix ur shyt or a lot of ppl gonna be getting refunds and ik u wouldnt want that @admin FIX UR SHYT
  11. Supercard101


    @admin Bot needs sum major updating 1. It trys to train cards away when not at card limit and gets stuck (I think it's cuz the way u program bot and it thinks it's at max card limit but its actually dusting them away but I could be wrong) 2. Bots getting stuck on draft board wit 0 picks remaining and gets stuck 3. Need behemoth added to dusting 4. Behemoth addee to train away
  12. Supercard101

    SuperCard Bot V21.30

    @adminwhile ur at it how about fixing bot it trys to train cards when there is none for it to train away and it is also starting to get stuck on draft board again wit the 0 picks remianing
  13. Supercard101

    training cards

    @admin I've noticed that to and it's trying to train cards when ot ain't hit card limit and there's nothing for it to train away it just sits there and I've caught it closing and opening game in loop to
  14. Supercard101


    It would be useful as so far ever puzzler that been out seems to have same problem but I can't seem to get past the 3rd one ever lol
  15. Supercard101

    training cards

    @admin it don't it just sits there it's happened to me a few times and I forgot 2 screenshot it