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  1. your device and resolution?
  2. try reinstall bot or create a new emulator instance.
  3. 1. Added team court domination
  4. you can enable close game during wait in bot setting. then bot will always close and open game
  5. you donot need to root android device. you can try use cloud android emulator or install x8s emulator on your android device
  6. it is not a bot issue. maybe try reinstall your game or change the login method
  7. I can only update after it starts
  8. I see, rta already has option for x number of fights. I think I just need to remove complete objectives
  9. yes, I will see how to do that
  10. bot should not pick the raid, if you don't select them. for example, if alpha change to beta, bot should only play alpha and only pick beta when you select beta.
  11. sorry, I didnot notice this problem before, will fix next time.
  12. admin

    Ad problem

    it is already fixed
  13. seems like these is no objectives now, they are removed permantely?



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