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  1. admin

    Orb assault still broken

    will fix this week
  2. 1. Fixed claim free energy
  3. admin

    Switching between account

    you don't lose time
  4. how you save dust? you can have dust more than 6000?
  5. admin

    Bot Shuts down

    yes, if someone else use your key, then it will stop your bot. but there will be a message that key is used on other device. because only you got this issue, I donot think it is a bot issue. if you disable mitb, will bot still close? you said bot stop, does bot close game or just stop but the game still open? you can send me the last one mintue video to me or upload to yotube as a private video. also you can try redfinger, they are now on sale, 70 for one year.
  6. admin

    Bot Stuck Over 3Days Now

    it should be fixed now
  7. admin

    Authentication Code

    did you still face any issues now?
  8. admin

    Bot Shuts down

    can you take a video and send to my email: did you try reinstall bot? does it shut down immediately or after a random time?
  9. admin

    SuperCard Bot V21.37

    checking now
  10. admin

    SuperCard Bot V21.37

    already testes on nox and redfinger, both works very well. what is your device and resolution?
  11. admin

    SuperCard Bot V21.37

    please take a screenshot and send to me.
  12. admin

    Codebreaker force quit optional

    will add that option
  13. admin

    SuperCard Bot V21.37

    I see, sometimes when bot found the code but still lose, then next game you will get max points.
  14. admin

    SuperCard Bot V21.37

    why not get max points?
  15. admin

    SuperCard Bot V21.38

    1. Fixed bot stuck on codebreaker level card page