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  1. admin

    Non rooted android phone.

  2. admin

    Blitz issue

    yes, you need to unlock saved squads, then bot will work for you. You can email me your receipt. And I can refund you or pause your key.
  3. admin

    Non rooted android phone.

    you can google and install vmos on your phone. then run unrooted version bot on vmos
  4. admin

    Clash of Champions Next Week

    sure, will fix
  5. admin

    ISO-8 incoming

    sure, let's see
  6. admin

    Bot keeps turning itself off

    then maybe you can try another emulator, like memu, koplayer
  7. it should work now. make sure you choose the correct event mode
  8. admin

    Bot keeps turning itself off

    what is your device? not use bot on bluestacks
  9. admin


    sorry, no
  10. try close game and reopen. this happend because the expired event there.
  11. admin

    New here

    I am not sure. I think it is done. For now, I donot have any plan to support it again.
  12. admin

    New here

    mynba bot is broken. It is not usable now
  13. 1. Added pvp mode 2. Fixed some issues in ultimus and greek mode
  14. admin


    works, but may crash. you can test