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  1. admin

    RD broken

    send me a screenshot
  2. admin

    Elimination Chamber PVP

    just checked, bot can use support cards
  3. admin

    Elimination Chamber PVP

    will add this today
  4. admin

    TRTG - Team Points

    bot will auto check the bouts every 20 minutes
  5. admin

    Question to long time users of the bot

    yes, bot plays smart, try and use it.
  6. admin

    RD This week can u fix the bugs

    yes, will check and fix this week.
  7. admin

    Unfortunately, WWE Bot has stopped.

    please try use memu or reinstall bot.
  8. admin

    Authorize code

    yes, bot will handle that
  9. I tested it,there is no issue.
  10. admin

    Help with purchase

    check your key here if you buy the key from
  11. admin

    Unfortunately, WWE Bot has stopped.

    If you have this issue, please try fully uninstall the bot, then reinstall the bot. It will fix this,
  12. admin

    Beginner Question

    did you notice that there is a wwe icon at the top right corner? use that to stop bot
  13. admin

    Noob Questions for Mac user

    The setting is easy. Just enable all the modes. Yes, on mac bot not work well. Runs slow and CPU fans is noised.