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  1. admin

    Error stopping the bot

    bot should not close nox, maybe nox crashed itself?
  2. admin

    SuperCard Bot V19.58

    did you update your game?
  3. admin

    SuperCard Bot V19.58

    update your game. game bug you need to restart to see new giant
  4. admin

    SuperCard Bot V19.59

    1. Fixed bot not buy bouts in event mode
  5. admin

    Error stopping the bot

    you can try uninstall bot and then download and install latest bot from website. I guess this error maybe because you update the bot through the update pop up window.
  6. admin

    SuperCard Bot V19.58

    this is should be fixed by catdaddy. But I will add option to do that.
  7. admin

    SuperCard Bot V19.58

    it not work?
  8. admin

    SuperCard Bot V19.58

    try again, it is fixed
  9. admin

    SuperCard Bot V19.58

    It will go to wild game. after 20 minutes, it will check giants mode again.
  10. admin

    SuperCard Bot V19.58

    1. Added new event mode: Giants Unleashed How bot plays Giants Unleashed? 1. Bot only choose gear 1, 2, 5 2. Every time bot will try to select all matched cards first. If the number of matched cards is smaller than 4, then bot will also choose some unmatched cards.
  11. admin

    memu not working

    you can try open game manually. if you cant open the game or after you open the game, game close immediately, then you may need to create a new emulator instance and set up bot again.
  12. admin

    New SuperCard Update

    I got the same error as you. The game not open. You need to create a new emulator instance and install game set up bot.
  13. admin

    memu not working

    try other emulator
  14. admin

    bot and emulator problems

    try droid4x
  15. admin

    TBG Charges FUll Stuck SCreen

    use nox screenshot button take a screenshot and send to me.