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  1. admin

    Just need some pointers!

    What is your device? I feel it is not a bot issue
  2. admin

    New Version of MEmu

  3. admin

    New Version of MEmu

    maybe try bot on nox
  4. admin

    Update failed try again

    it is bot server, just check if you ooen it.
  5. admin

    Update failed try again

    try uninstall bot and then reinstall. if you use vpn, then turn vpn off. Also directly open if you cant open it. then you need to fix that.
  6. admin

    Update Fail

    you can install teamviewer and send me connect id and pwd. then I can help you remotely.
  7. admin

    Update Fail

    you can try open and see if you have any problem for opening that website.
  8. admin

    Update Fail

    try totally uninstall bot and then reinstall bot again. if you use vpn, also try turn off it
  9. admin

    Timer Suggestion

    sure, will do
  10. admin

    LMS Stuck

    please send to my email:
  11. admin

    Claim Card Pack Update

    yes, will do
  12. admin

    Blitz Issue

    I guess it is because your pc is slow and take long time loading the game. try change resolution to 720p, game and bot will be faster. and also you can turn off run forever feature.
  13. email me your paypal receipt or order id please