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  1. admin

    Code breaker

    working on it now
  2. admin

    Ads for giants

    your device?
  3. admin

    Bot not starting

    what do you mean nothing happen?
  4. admin

    Cant get host

    next time you donot need to restart pc, just click I know and reopen bot
  5. admin

    Need license key, saying it's expired

    if you buy a week ago, then it should not expire
  6. admin

    Suggestion: Doom Raid

    so your alliance do doom raid instead of ultimus raid?
  7. admin

    no option anymore for dust cards

    close bot and reopen, I guess your bot not update
  8. admin


  9. admin

    Rd problem

    what is your device and resolution? make sure you enable that feature
  10. admin

    SuperCard Bot V21.49

    does it work now? also where are you from?
  11. admin

    Need licence again

    yes, send me an email with your order id or use your origional purchase email
  12. admin

    cant get a host

    does it work now? also where are you from?
  13. admin

    Bluestacks Bot Stops

    bluestacks is not a recommend emulator, maybe try nox
  14. admin

    Cant get host

    does it work now? also where are you from?