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Hi, I am new to the bot and want the settings that the bot plays every event, and all cards under with the rarity Wrestlemania 34 and below being used for training, can someone send me a picture of the settings pls 


thanks in advance 

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you can't select "every events" for the bot. You must select the events individually. Next event should be a TRTG, therefore put in Event Mode "TRTG".


and for the second one just select WM34 under Other > Train Cards May Level (Cards will be consumed) to WM 34. 

Here's my setting right now without a Event going on. When there is a event just select on on Event Mode or Second Event, when the active one is on the right from the menu.

KOTR is off because i dont need any VG cards anymore. eweweewew.PNG.3e42dfd1fc7aed6479e2c321d0414f4c.PNG

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