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I emailed them guys but I didn't get it until now unfortunately 

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Same Here. I'm Having Same Problem Still. It's Been 4 Days Now & Haven't Able Use Bot. 4 Days Now Is Waste Of Money I Paid For The Bot -_-.

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Guys, there must be some payment issue for you. I got the key seconds after I made the payment, like always. Check if your payments were clear

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On 5/6/2021 at 3:35 PM, Einhell11 said:

If you play without a bot, it works without any problems. the bot does not dust off in mitb when max pics is reached.


It's Been 5 Days Now! Bot Gets Stuck On Maximum Cards. @adminFucking Fix This. It's Wasting My Money And Makes Me Not Gonna Wanna Buy It Anymore From You. 5 Days And Its Wasting My Money And Using A Bot.

Please Fucking Fix Your Shit And Stop Annoying People Who Have Issues With The Bot Or You'll Gonna Lose Costumers...

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