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    Bot is the Secret to Get Rich and Strong in Game

    What is Bot and How Does a Bot Help Me in Game

    Have you ever wondered how to gain cards every day? Once you get to higher tier you find yourself asking the question "How to win Blitz in Marvel Strike Force?", "What is the best way to gain wrestlemania cards in WWE SuperCard?" Some people look for a Hack tool, but the answer is much easier than that. The answer is a bot that automatically do this for you by automatically playing the game, do everything in the game as you do. Bot don't change the game memory or modify your game data. It just simulates your operation based on color detection. So it is perfectly legal.

    For Marvel Strike Force : Our Bot can help you do many things in Marvel Strike Force. For those who aren't really interested in spending hours every day on this game, our automatic playing blitz games can help you get top rewards for each blitz. Just imagine bot keep battling in blitz during you sleep and you don't have to do a thing! If you find getting blitz event card is really hard for you. Our bot will make this become easy. MSF Bot plays blitz in an intelligent way. Bot can auto detect opponent and choose the weak one to battle. During battle, bot always attacks healer and more important character first. Bot keeps checking your team availability and don't waste even one second to make sure maximize your blitz score. Except 20 game built-in saved squads, bot also supports customized squads. This can help you take advantage of all your characters.

    For WWE SuperCard : Our Bot can help you do many things in WWE SuperCard very fast. For those who want to gain cards, you can choose Wild Game mode in WWE SuperCard Bot setting. For those who aren't really interested in spending hours every day on this game, our automatic playing wild games and training cards makes getting cards quick and easy. Just imagine getting 2000+ cards during you sleep and you don't have to do a thing! If you find getting event card is really hard for you. Our bot will make this become easy. WWE SuperCard Bot supports Wild mode, RD, RTG, Team RD, Team RTG and MITB. By choosing the correct event mode, Our bot will play event match during you are sleeping. So your energy will never be wasted and you also don't need to buy energy or wake up in the night to play event matches manually. Now WWE SuperCard Bot also support all team events. You can use the bot with your teammate and get event cards together.

    What will We Do for You

    Frequent Updates
    BOT36 Developers make sure that the bot is consistently updated with high quality features and performance updates. You can be confident that you are getting the highest quality and most advanced bot on the market.
    Active Support
    BOT36 has in-depth documentation and support guides on how to use bot to it's full potential. Combined with our active support staff on our forums, you can be sure that your botting experience will be as smooth as possible.
    Engaged Community
    The BOT36 community is a great place to talk about Marvel Strike Force and WWE SuperCard. From support requests to in-depth or funny conversations, our community is active and welcoming. Please join our discord channel.

    BOT36 Bot

    You have probably seen a ton of "hacks" and "cheats" for Marvel Strike Force or WWE SuperCard. You have probably also noticed that they are all fake and include surveys. This is called a "survey scam" as the owner actually gets paid for every survey that gets filled out. There are no magical "Marvel Strike Force Cheats", "WWE SuperCard cheats". However, there are ways to get strong in these games quickly... Bot is a simple auto play software that runs from your PC and is not considered a hack. Some players would consider it "cheating" as you are gaining a huge advantage. We will let you be the judge of that - All we ask is that you don't fall for any more of those fake "game cheats and hacks" - You can trust BOT36 and know that our software will never include a survey!

    Auto Does Daily Raid and Blitz Save much Time for You

    Marvel Strike Force Bot Running Demo Video

    Marvel Strike Force Bot Features

    • Auto Play Blitz
    • Auto Play Strike Raid
    • Auto Play Ultimus Raid
    • Auto Claim Free Energy
    • Smart Detect Opponent
    • Auto Target Healer
    • Auto Target Important Character
    • Support Use Blitz Energy
    • Support Built-in Saved Squads
    • Support User Customized Squads
    • Take a Screenshot for Battle Result

    Play 1000+ Matches and Farm 2000+ Cards per day

    WWE SuperCard Bot Running Demo Video

    WWE SuperCard Bot Features

    • Auto Play Wild Game
    • Auto Enter Verification Code
    • Auto Play PVP
    • Auto Play LMS
    • Auto Play RTG
    • Auto Play Team RTG
    • Auto Play RD
    • Auto Play Team RD
    • Auto Play MITB
    • Auto Train Cards
    • Auto Fill KOTR Energy
    • Farm Cards 24 Hours Continuously

    Customer Reviews

    We are the best game bot provider, but don't take our word for it! See what other customers are saying about our services.

    "Very fast bot, The advertised 1200+ matches per day is absolutely true, I mean its even beyond expectations."

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    About us

    Fast & Easy

    We made the software interface simple to use and configure. Not only are our help tutorials extremely detailed but we also have a great community of players who are more than willing to help you with any issue you may have.

    Please visit the Forum for any software related issues you may have. Our developers will be more than happy to help!

    Safe & Secure

    BOT36 uses Nox to run Marvel Strike Force and WWE SuperCard from your computer so that you won't need to root or jailbreak any of your devices. Our software has been ran through some of the most advanced virus scanners to ensure our users are protected.

    "We take the safety of our users very seriously. Our software should only be downloaded from our official page."
    Our Promise

    BOT36 has 100% No Ban guarantee. We pride ourselves on our Anti Detection methods and continue to update them regularly. We have multiple safety measures in place to ensure our bot will always be untraceable.

    • Secure Bot Connection
    • Private Nox Emulator
    • Authentic Google Login
    • Randomized Functions

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